Pollysys Audio Video Cutter free app is one of the most user friendly audio and video editing apps for Android platform. You won’t have to try it even twice to get familiar with its functionality. Here, we are sharing some information with you so you get familiar with it even before you download free audio and video cutter app:

How to use:

On opening the Polly AV App, you will see a list of all the audio content stored on the device and the edited audio. For seeing the video files, go to the option provided on the top left of the app home page. A menu will appear showing different options, namely audio, video, share, rating and about. On selecting video, a list of all video content will appear. Select the file to be edited (audio or video). You may listen to it by clicking on it or edit it using the cut option.

For audio files: As you click on the cut button, a graphic representation of the song with two bars will appear. Cut the required part by adjusting these two bars. You may listen to it using the play option. Click on the cut and save options to save the edited file.

You may redo or undo any action or mute the sound using the respective buttons.

For video files: As you select a video file, a trimming bar will appear with two handles on both ends and a cursor that lets you play the video from any point. Adjust the handles to select the wanted part, play back using the play button and save using a unique name.

You may watch the edited video in the Edited Video option.

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