7 of the Best Audio Cutter Apps – Just the Best, Drop the Rest

Good music output is something that almost every one of us looks forward to while purchasing a phone. This is a functionality that almost all of us use our phone for. Though sometimes all we want to do is cut out our most favorite part of a song and chop off the rest. As currently, there is an app for everything so why not have an audio cutter app that does this task for you? Well, as Google has a million answers for every question, we have sorted out a list of the best of audio editing apps for you with a brief on their functionality and usage. Have a look:

  • Pocket Band Pro – For pros who want to mix songs in high quality or play them in loop, this one is the perfect choice. With this, you can adjust samplers, audio modulators, mix synths, drums and arpeggiators. You can play, remix, share and record with this app. Though, for basic users, too many functions may create puzzlement.
  • ZeoRing – Ringtone editor – If you need an audio cutter app just for making ringtones by cutting out your favorite part of a song then this can perform as a dedicated tool. With a user friendly interface, you can easily select the audio file and adjust its starting and end point for playback. The app lets you assign this audio file as a ringtone for particular contacts or make it default ringtone for your device.
  • MP3 Cutter – This app provides all the basic functionalities needed to edit a music file. It is very easy to use with many additional features included like merging of audio files.
  • Polly AV Cutter – If you are looking for a multi functionality tool for your phone that lets you edit your audio files as well as videos saved on your phone, no other option can be better than this. Polly Audio Video Cutter has been formulated to let you amend your audio and video files effortlessly and use them as ringtone, notification tone, alarm or simply music. This app also lets you record and then edit the file to use it further.
  • WavePad Audio Editor – Another free audio cutter app with basic functionality, this one is meant for cutting audio files on android devices. You can record, edit, add effects, save and share the edited file using this app.
  • MP3 Cutter And Merger – Cut different audio files and merge them together with this cool audio cutter and merger app. Choose your favorite songs and merge them to get a customized playlist for yourself. It lets you cut the audio waveform precisely by letting you zoom it.
  • Lexis Audio Editor – If the file format is the issue, go for this one. All the audio editors don’t support all the file formats. Thus, if you have files with WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA and FLAC file formats in your device that you want to edit, this one can be a better choice.