If your music files are too heavy for your device or you want to cut your favorite piece from a song or a recorded audio, Polly Cutter free audio cutter app is your editing partner. The app lets you chop off the music saved as audio clips in the music library of your phone or memory card. This app can also be used as a video cutter app to edit videos. With this app, you can edit your music files and videos as well. The free video and audio cutter app is fast and flawless in its working. So cut it, save it and go on.


Polly Cutter is an innovative free audio video cutting app that lets you select the starting and end point of the file stored in your phone or memory card. This file can easily be saved as a new sound or movie clip on your device. Unlike other ringtone and video cutter apps, you don’t have to compromise with quality while using Polly Cutter. Cut, craft and use it as a ringtone, a notification tone, alarm or simply music.

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Experience full control over your music and movie files with Polly Cutter offering the highest level of accuracy in audio and video cutting. Don't wait for a better app anymore and Try the App right now!

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